Finding Your Style

One of the first questions I usually get from new clients is “What is your style of decorating?

“My answer is “It’s whatever works best for you!”

Joking aside, I do have a personal style—it’s elegant yet informal—but most importantly, it’s functional. I believe that my surroundings should be practical and suited to my lifestyle while still looking beautiful.


But that’s not what matters

What matters is that as a formally trained interior designer I am able to apply my decorating skills and creative talent to virtually any décor style you can think of—traditional, contemporary, eclectic, shabby chic, minimalist. And I have access to so many fantastic décor vendors it’s extremely unlikely you’ll make a decorating request I cannot fulfill.


Florida offers some unique decorating opportunities

Working as an interior designer in Florida is a little different than most other states. Firstly, because clients often want to introduce a ‘Floridian’ look to their home without necessarily giving up all the décor items they brought here from up north; and secondly because Florida has a lot of new retirees who are ready to breathe new life into their home décor and are open to trying something more adventurous or ‘fresher’ than what they had before. The area between Weston and Fort Lauderdale is popular with new retirees, so I am no stranger to the decorating challenges they face.


Let’s take a closer look at some decorating styles that work in Florida

1. Mixing colors and patterns

This can be tricky—but bring it on! I love to combine colors and patterns… fabulous fortuny, detailed damask, cheery chintz. Mixing fabric colors and patterns is a brave yet rewarding decorating technique that instantly makes a room look well put together.

To help you visualize what a particular fabric mix will look like, I make selections based on your personal style and requests; then I present them to you in your home so you can visualize the fabrics together in their actual location. This gives you a great ‘preview’ of what your room will look like and is the first step in bringing your new design to life.

2. Maxing out on minimalism

Embracing minimalism is by no means a new trend, but it often goes hand-in-hand with starting afresh. Very often, with retirement comes desire to declutter. While there’s a sense of freedom and luxury in open space, there’s a sense of comfort that comes with holding onto items we’ve had for many years. My challenge with clients who wish to declutter on a grand scale is to ensure they gain all the benefits of the minimalist lifestyle without losing the gratification of the familiar.

I start by identifying the pieces that really speak to you and removing the items that create visual noise. This allows your favorite pieces to shine as you free up space to show them off to their best advantage. Then I introduce décor that reflects your personality and new style along with decorating solutions that will help you maintain your fresh, decluttered environment.

3. Decorating with the planet in mind

I love that many interior designers now consider sustainability and impact on the environment as part of their creative process. Waste reduction and intelligent re-purposing of home furnishings and accessories go a long way to reducing a home’s negative impact on our planet.

Reupholstering chairs and sofas can extend their lives by 10 years and enable pieces that were kept for nostalgic reasons to once again fit beautifully in their surroundings. Resurfacing or painting an old desk or armoire can make it feel like a brand new piece; applying a bright color or faux finish can make it a fun item for a teen’s room.

I will assist you in identifying furnishings that, with a little creative thinking, can be re-purposed and mingled in among new home furnishings.

4. Imparting personality to a decorating style

A room should be filled with personality—particularly your personality. When I’ve spent a few minutes in someone’s living space I like to feel that I know them a little better.

I’m a firm believer in merging character with style; antiques with current trends for a look that is rich, even a little eclectic.

Reflecting your taste and personality in the space around you is an essential part of my decorating service. I never put spaces together in a formulaic mix for the sake of being faithful to a style of design.  Instead, I introduce your individual interests to a style you love, with an emphasis on quality.


Whatever style you’re in love with, traditional, mid century, coastal and beachy—let’s go for it and make it current and unique. Contact us or give us a call at (954) 651-1759 so we can chat about your ideas and options!


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