Top 5 Interior Design Trends For 2022


Excited for the latest home design trends for 2022? In 2021, we saw a broad range of trends from geometric accents to muted hues and pastel colors. Homeowners especially prioritized multifunctional furniture that served both a stylistic and practical approach as many continued to work remotely.

So what can we expect in 2022? If you’re ready to transform your living space with a new makeover, read on and discover our predictions for this year’s top 5 design trends:

1. Nature-inspired pieces

It’s time to incorporate the outdoors into your indoor living spaces with biophilic design. Think natural textiles like wood, wicker and/or rattan, which add a neutral element to rooms while also creating a calming environment. Similarly, plan to add more plants inside for pops of color that brighten without distracting from the furniture you already have. If you’re living with pets — or rambunctious kids — you can also opt for nature-inspired decor pieces instead of real plants, such as pictures of landscapes, wood-textured frames or woven, natural material.

Adding a visual connection with nature will add warmth and openness to your home.

2. Throwback to 1970s interior decor

Design is a cyclical industry and the 1970s are queued to make an exciting return this year — but with a modern twist. The highlights of the decade will be making a comeback, including deep, warm colors (like mustard, burnt orange and sage) and mid-century furniture.

If you’re just as excited about the ’70s revival, invest in some one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that highlight the era’s best design elements, from peg legs to highly textured fabrics. Teak wood cabinets and tables can help to pull the space’s look together and nail the reimagining of the classic look.

3. Bold patterns and bright colors

Retro patterns with bright, exciting color palettes are becoming increasingly popular. From a statement wall to embellished throw pillows, people want to add fun touches to their existing home decor. To hop on this trend, opt for highly saturated pieces that create pops of color in your bedroom, living room or office. If neutral colors are the backbone of your design, take a look at fun patterns that still fit your aesthetic, but will also stand out.

4. Multifunctional spaces

Taking a page out of 2021, multifunctional spaces and furniture are here to stay in the next year! Home spaces have transformed into multipurpose work and childcare zones that need to be useful and beautiful.

Multifunctional furniture is key to upgrading your living room or guest bedroom into a handy home office setup. Innovative storage solutions are the best way to fully utilize your space. Storage ottomans can be used to tuck away unused blankets, pillows or other items while also acting as seating options. Similarly, desks with many drawers, shelves or bookcase attachments can help make the most of a small room.

5. Curved furniture

The latest interior design trend points to a focus on circular, curved furniture that adds dimension and softness to your home’s spaces. Round tables (of any material!) take away the harsh corners that can interrupt the design and allow for group get-togethers where everyone can face each other easily.

Similarly, a curved sofa can add a welcoming finishing touch to a living room. Instead of angular lines, take a look at arched cabinets and circular pieces.

How to pull off interior design trends in your home

New interior design trends can be vast, varied and, honestly, overwhelming. The key to incorporating your favorite trends into your existing space is to choose a key element and stick to it.

A complete room or home makeover is exciting, but not always doable. Focus on one section or element of your home, before committing yourself to other design projects. This could mean updating all of the pillows and textiles to match your latest inspiration or investing in one major furniture change that can transform your living room.

Design trends vs. fads

People often use “trend” and “fad” interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two! A trend reflects the changing opinions of people and environments, especially with regard to design and style inspiration. It can predict the latest innovations and decor that are gaining momentum.

Meanwhile, a fad specifically defines a style or interest that only becomes popular for a very short period of time. For example, classic, elegant design can become a trend, but it’ll never be a fad — after all, it’s timeless!

How to achieve your dream interior home design in 2022

Updating your current home design or starting from scratch takes work. So let us take some of that pressure off your shoulders with expert assistance from an interior designer. We can help you achieve your dream home transformation, whenever you need it.

Once you reach out, we will come to your home to provide a consultation for your room makeover. During that visit, we will get to know you and your personal style goals so that they can create a game plan to match you with your best options.

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